13.00 / 2014

The Land of Lace is based on text from The Opinions and Exploits of Dr.Faustroll, Pataphysician by Alfred Jarry.

The king of Lace drew out the light as a ropemaker plaits his retrograde line, and the threads troubled slightly in the dim light, like cobwebs. They wove themselves into forests, like the leaves which hoarfrost engraves on window panes; then they fashioned themselves into a Madonna and her Child in the Christmas snow; and then into peacocks, and gowns, intermingling like a swimming dance of the Rhine maidens. The Beaux and the Belles strutted and preened in imitation of fans, until their patient gathering broke up with a cry.Just as the white junonians, roosting in a park, complaining raucously when the lying intrusion of a lamp apes prematurely the dawn’s reflection of their ocelli, so an artless shape burgeoned in the forest of raked-over pine pitch; and as Pierrot serenades the confusion of the moon’s entwined ball, the paradox of day burrowing underground arose from Ali Baba screaming in the pitiless oil and the jar’s darkness.

Commissioned by the Mahogany Opera Group from an idea by Andrew Hugill